How Packsify Works

About Packsify Credits

Packsify credits are your ticket to getting more in your favorite game. Think of them like special coins that give you extra buying power.

In-Game Value

Exchange 10,000 Packsify credits for $99.99 USD worth of in-game bundles on your behalf with Packsify credits.

Packsify Credits Price

The standard cost for 10,000 Packsify credits is $89.99 USD. Keep an eye out for our weekly flash deals, where you can find even greater savings and discounts!where you can get them for as low as $84.99!

Unlock more, spend less! 💰

Step into Savings: Unlock More In-Game, While Spending Less Real Cash!

Tip: Keeping a balance on Packsify credits ensures you’re always ready for quick and smooth in-game purchases.