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Is Packsify Safe?

With so many sketchy options online, it’s easy to confuse Packsify with prohibited services that can get your account suspended. As your trusted shopper, Packsify buys bundles directly from the official stores, ensuring authenticity and reliability. We put your safety and security above all else.

Packsify Has Saved Gamers Over $4.1 Million In The Last 3 Years.

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Dive deeper into Packsify's Security and Privacy Measures

Why does Packsify ask for my personal information?

We need your personal information to purchase bundles on your behalf. We understand that this may raise concerns, so we take this matter seriously.

To remain authorized, we access your account to buy bundles for you while respecting the rules established by Google and the Apple Store.

How can I ensure the security of my account information?

At Packsify, we prioritize the security of your account information. Here's how we maintain the safety of your data :

  • Packsify purchases bundles for you from official stores.
  • By complying with the rules, every transaction meets the requirements of Google, Apple, and developers.

Rest assured that your Packsify purchases are as secure as if you made them yourself.

What measures do you take to safeguard my transactions?

An extra layer of protection is the implementation of the 2FA code. Once you bind your account with FunPlus, only you can log in. 

You are in complete control over your account because you receive the code on your phone when logging in. This guarantees no one else can access your account without your permission.

What level of security is provided for the payment methods?

We implement high-security protocols for all payment methods. 

For instance, we utilize the safest gateway for credit card payment methods, just like many other companies do. A gateway serves as a link to your point of sale system or virtual terminal to the next step in the payment authorization process.

Why do I have to pay before the order process begins?

Sending payments in advance can be tough, especially if you're unfamiliar with the other side. We require payment upfront to protect our business from potential scams and ensure efficient service. The mobile gaming world has many scammers, and this practice helps us allocate resources effectively.

We understand your concern. Instead of just trusting us, check out our customer reviews on Google Reviews and Trust Pilot. Their experiences can reassure you of our service's quality and reliability.

Your trust and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Does Packsify violate the game's Terms of Service?

Using Packsify doesn’t violate games’ Terms of Service (ToS). Our purchasing process mirrors individual transactions, making them fully compliant with every game’s ToS.

Moreover, our security measures further guarantee that using Packsify fits within the practical enforcement of ToS, maintaining a safe and enjoyable gaming experience without the risk of any ToS violations.

You Deserve Safe Discounts!

Packsify offers a seamless and secure space for enjoying your favorite games. Leave behind all the insecurities, as we are here to prove that safe gaming discounts are now within reach.