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3 Years In Business.
Zero Banned Players.

Packsify opens a portal to direct, in-game discounts you can harness as much as you like, worry-free.

But how is that possible?

Personal Shopper

Packsify acts as a personal shopper and buys game bundles straight from the official stores, so our purchases looks identical to all previous purchases you have made.

Security Measures

We impose strict security measures to make sure our purchases are identical to your purchases.


Thousands of recurring customers confirm our purchases are as safe as you buy directly. We uphold a zero-ban track record to this day.

To Sum Up...

Packsify purchases bundles directly like a player, ensuring seamless discounts, normal transactions to the game publishers, and account security, all with 100% security.
Understood. Take me further.

Frequently AskedQuestions.

Is there a ban risk for my account?

After listening to thousands of customers over three years, we truly understand the value of your game account. It's more than just a profile; it reflects your dedication, time, and the strong friendships you've built in the game. We get why you might be worried about account bans.

Here's how Packsify keeps your account safe and ban-free:

  • Direct Purchases: Packsify buys game bundles straight from the official stores, so your purchases look just like any other player's.
  • Security Measures: We use a variety of IP addresses and strict security rules to ensure every transaction seems totally normal to Google, Apple, and game developers.
  • Legitimacy: Our way of buying is just what the game platforms expect, making your Packsify purchases as safe as if you bought directly.


With Packsify, you can enjoy your gaming without the fear of bans, giving you total peace of mind.

Is my account safe?

We totally get where you're coming from. So, the thought of anything going wrong, like unauthorized access, stolen account or even small in-game mistakes, is understandably worrying.

Here's how we ensure your account stays safe with Packsify:

  • Careful Access: Every time we need to access your account, we do it with precision and log out immediately after, making sure your details aren't stored or left behind.
  • Professional Team: Our team is here for their job expertise, not playing the game. They're dedicated to maintaining your account's safety and integrity while completing orders.
  • Top-notch Security: From encrypted data transfer to strict access controls, we've got layers of security to protect your account at every step.

With Packsify, your account's safety is our top priority, ensuring you can enjoy our services worry-free.

Why do you need my login details?

Sharing personal details is a big step, and we recognize that.

Our role is like a personal shopper for your game bundles, purchasing them directly through official channels like Google Play and the App Store on your behalf.

To do this in a way that's safe and follows the rules of the game developers, we need to log into your account.This method ensures that purchases are legit, just as if you bought them yourself in the game, without risking your account's security.

We're 100% committed to keeping your gaming experience safe, enjoyable, and worry-free.

Why use Packsify if it's a 3rd party platform?

It's understandable why players worry about using third-party platforms; it's not uncommon to hear that some players got banned for using them, and no one wants to risk getting banned.

Even though many players see Packsify as a third-party platform, we actually act as your personal buyer, purchasing game bundles directly from official stores such as Google Play Store or Apple's App Store.

Our service ensures that every purchase is made directly in the game store, just like any regular player's.

We use different IP addresses for each order and follow strict security measures to ensure that Google/Apple and game developers view our purchases as completely legitimate.

With Packsify, you get a worry-free, 100% secure service that keeps your gaming safe and enjoyable.

Are my personal email and phone number safe?

The concern for personal information security is understandable, especially if it's linked with your business, private or family e-mail account.

We highly recommend not using your primary email or phone number with your game account and ensuring a different password if you do.

Remember, Packsify will never ask you for your password in DM on Discord, only in dedicated channels for orders.

This advice aims to protect your personal information, ensuring a safe interaction with our services and peace of mind.

Can I pay after service instead of before?

Sending payments in advance can often be tough decision especially if you don't know much about the other side.

To address this, we offer a free bundle to all new customers to demonstrate our process and reliability.

This no-risk introduction allows you to experience our service firsthand, building trust and confidence in our upfront payment model for future transactions.

Why can't you sell gift cards?

We understand why using a gift card code might seem like the easiest way to enjoy discounts. However, they often come with issues like region locks and strict security checks, which can lead to frustration, loss of money, and wasted time.

At Packsify, we prioritize simplicity and clarity. Rather than dealing with the complications of gift cards, we offer a direct, straightforward solution to secure discounts, saving you both time and hassle.

For those still interested in gift cards, we recommend purchasing from reputable online sites.

Our mission is to help gamers effortlessly save money on in-game purchases with a focus on enjoying the game as much as possible.

Is using Packsify against the game's Terms of Service (ToS) since they don't allow sharing game accounts?

We understand your concerns about account sharing and ToS violations.

It's a valid point that many games' ToS discourage account sharing, but in practice, tracking such activity is highly challenging. It's quite normal for players to access their accounts from different devices and IP addresses. Given the millions of players and daily logins, pinpointing account sharing is nearly impossible.

Packsify leverages this understanding, purchasing game bundles directly from official stores in a way that looks just like any individual player's purchase.

Our security measures further ensure that using Packsify fits within the practical enforcement of ToS, maintaining a safe and enjoyable gaming experience without the risk of ToS violations.

Real Customer's Feedback

Our customers choose Packsify initially for its competitive prices, but they stay for friendly customer support and the sense of being truly valued.

So far, the guys at Packsiy have provided a flawless service, and have helped me saving a more than decent amount of money. Once everything's set up, every transaction is a breeze. I recommend them 100%. Thanks @Bonnie Packsiy and the rest of the team!"
Repeat customer here. I've been using their service for about 6 weeks now, and I'm floored by how well I've been treated here. Plus, orders are handled lightning fast now.They even went to the trouble of setting up a special server just for my orders. I feel like a VIP every time I come here. 🙂
Great service by the accommodating team, hassle free and glad for the discounts. Happy to come across this service and wished I knew about sooner to enjoy the significant discounts. Would spread the word to other interested players for sure 🙂
I've been using packsify in the last month and I'm extremely delighted. I wished I was introduced to them earlier. I've already saved a lot of money from bundles that I purchased. Great service, great support and very helpful folks. Keep up the great work that you do!
My team and I have been using packsify service for about two months now. the process has been pretty smooth so far and it indeed saves my team quite a lot of money. It allows my team to have more budget in order to compete in higher level competition. The initial setup took a little bit effort to get it done. But once the process is set, everything is pretty smooth.
I will say it was a great decision for me to spend time to hear and understand their process when Bonnie invited me to this server.

I would hope I would know this service 2 years ago, which could save so much more costs on bundles. Nice job! Packsify!!
Where to start.
I would give the service I received a massive 11/10 experience. One of the team (namely @Bonnie Packsify) introduced me to packsify and guided me with ease despite the difficulties she may have dealt with along the way. I then proceeded with a £100 order to start with which I received in light speed! After that I was then added to a group of a bunch of packsify employees. Recently out of eager I wanted to place another order which @Havana responded to within minutes regardless of the time it was over there for them. To place another £100 order which I received just as quick. I couldn't fault the flawless service and would offer it to absolutely anyone. They go above and beyond to ensure that their members receive their discounts 😌

EDIT: another shoutout to @wackoRash for mentioning the service in one of his videos and clearing the air meaning I wasn't reluctant to try the service 💪🏽
Great service, quick and reliable, wish I would know this earlier thx @Havana for helping to set it up and @wackoRash your video brought my attention to this service👊👊
(TOP) Mike
Thanks Packsify! Group of people in Packsify helped me a lot with buying bundles. This comes with a good service by doing it fast and making sure things went as you wanted it to be. It also saves a lot of money which I think is preferable by everyone!
I have never bought in Packsify yet, but they are explaining it to me divinely! and they give me all the help I need! They are very efficient and helpful!! thanks packsify
I just did my first purchases in Packsify. Everything went smoothly and they were very helpful explaining everything so I could get everything accomplished. Wish I would have been introduced to them a lot sooner. Thanks Packsify!
I've been meaning to leave feedback for a while and keep forgetting. Sorry! All I can say is that Packsify has been amazing! Everyone I've interacted with from the very beginning has been incredibly nice and helpful. They've helped me through many problems (my state is ridiculous with crypto restrictions) and walked me through setting everything up on my end (I'm a crypto noob). I can't thank them enough for helping ME save money. LOL, It sounds funny to say that, but it's very true. These are the kind of people I'd love to hang out with over some drinks. I highly recommend you guys to anyone interested in saving money (which should be everyone)! Cheers!
☆ Space Cake ABU ☆
Hello dear community, now that I have made several purchases via Packsify PSC, I can say that I have found the all-round feel-good package. Everything was explained to me step by step and I am also familiar with the introduction process. Since I'm from Switzerland and we're being plucked like chickens anyway🐥, I'm working with the support team to further optimize the whole thing @Bonnie Packsify @Havana 💯👍🏻😎 (Switzerland, my bad luck 😅). Thanks also to @wackoRash on which youtube video I found you guys 💪🏻🥰
Spectacular service! Have learned so much (and got great deals!) All service based businesses should learn from this group! Havana is a complete star ❤️❤️❤️
Best service, very polite guys, thank you for saving my money! All works good, could be trusted for 100%! Работает в России, проверено, гораздо выгоднее тех цен что предлагает разработчик, в общем рекомендую, ребята крутые!
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